CYMA Staffing Payroll Software Solution

Through CYMA's Staffing Payroll Software solution, pay and bill different amounts based on assignment and job function, invoice clients of staffing companies, track the billing, payroll, and budgeted amounts for employees on different assignments at multiple locations.

CYMA Staffing Payroll Software

The Work Order dialog functions both as an entry screen for new Work Orders and a dashboard of historical & financial information.
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The CYMA Staffing System is a complete solution offering high volume Payroll, integrated Client Billing & Receivables, Work Order Based Bill / Pay Rates, Advanced Workers Comp Reporting and Searchable Job Codes and Skill Sets

Staffing Payroll Software For In-House Staffing Companies

  • Designed for staffing firms and payroll funding companies
  • Process Staffing Payroll
  • Manage Payroll Services and Tax Filings
  • Invoice clients of individual staffing companies
  • Generate Staffing company invoices to clients
  • Designate funding company as remit to
  • Work Order Based System
  • Employee Skill Lookup
  • Alter billing rates throughout the process
  • Full Payroll with Tax Filing
  • Flexible Client Billing
  • Fully Integrated GL & AR


CYMA's Staffing Payroll Software Solution Offers:

  • Staffing company functionality integrated across Payroll and Accounts Receivable modules
  • Define job types with standard pay and billing rates and optional skills associated with a job code
  • Posting Payroll updates both Payroll and Billing simultaneously
  • Staffing Employees remain separate from company employees for payroll purposes
  • Employees and skills can be listed as inactive
  • Employees can be searched based on skill or job code with a variety of employment status criteria (Active, Inactive, Laid Off, etc.)
  • Job Code standard pay and billing rates can be overridden at the Client and Work Order levels as needed
  • Staffing Job Code page in Maintain Employees helps identify job codes and skills an employee possesses plus reporting for easily searching / finding the employees with requested skills.
  • Maintain Work Orders dialog for defining the dates, job codes, employees and pay & billing rates for a specific work order for a client.
  • The Work Order dialog functions both as an entry screen for new Work Orders and a dashboard of existing Work Order activities showing:
    • Dates
    • Contacts
    • Job Codes
    • Employees Assigned/Planned
    • # of Employees
    • Total Hours
    • Pay Rates
    • Bill Rates
    • Discount Rates
    • Current Financial Status
      • Dollars Invoiced & Remaining
      • Hours Invoiced & Remaining
      • Payments & Remaining
  • Definable Work Order Types that can be tied to a Work Order and reported by
  • Enter Staffing Hours dialog for entering pay and billing hours
  • Process Staff Billing dialog for creating the AR Invoice based on “Calculated” or “Actual” hours

Download a no risk, 30 day demonstration or contact CYMA at 800-292-2962 for a complete walkthrough and evaluation of your company needs.



Staffing Payroll Software

I love Employee Self-Service! No more printing and reprinting check stubs. Soon all of our managers and supervisors will be entering and approving employee time in an organized, secure way. What a time saving!

Kim Williams, Summit Foods

Typical Module Configuration