CYMA Payroll Software Solutions

Directed Services Payroll Software - CYMA has a specifically designed payroll software solution designed for the directed services industry using the Fiscal / Employer Agent model. Easier completion of the Form 940/941 Schedule R is one of the major design highlights of the solution.

PEO Software - An extension of CYMA's payroll software, CYMA offers client based payroll, billing, and accounting specifically developed for the PEO marketplace.

Payroll Software - CYMA offers a payroll processing engine designed for organizations with as little as 100 employees, but can handle thousands of checks and deposits per week.

Staffing Payroll Software - CYMA offers a Staffing payroll solution, integrated with the CYMA Payroll that handles work orders, clients, staffing skills, and job codes.

Payroll Service Bureau Software - CYMA’s payroll software engine is fully integrated with accounting based modules like the General Ledger. As such, CYMA Payroll can ideally be used for running a payroll service.

Accounting Software - A fully modular suite of financial management solutions with a robust General Ledger at the heart of the system. The CYMA Accounting Software solution offers 20+ modules for adaptation to any accounting software need.

Franchise Payroll Software - A variety of payroll tools like Employee Self-Service and Human Resources help CYMA stand out when it comes to managing payroll operations for a franchise.

Human Resources Management Software - A separate but integrated CYMA component - CYMA Human Resources can extend payroll to help manage benefits, company property, OSHA compliance, and more.

Healthcare Payroll Software - CYMA's payroll software is used in a variety of healthcare industries from medical facilities to insurance organizations that handles multiple plans and benefits.

Job Costing/Project Costing - A component of the accounting software, CYMA has a job costing solution for robust job expense tracking and project costing for tracking expenses of minor projects.

Not-For-Profit Accounting -CYMA offers a nonprofit specific version of the accounting and payroll software, which includes due-to and due-from, grant tracking, budgeting, and FASB117 reporting.