CYMA Franchise Payroll Software

CYMA Payroll Software is used by restaurants and fast food franchise organizations nationwide for payroll and accounting processes. National franchises of Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby's, Whataburger, and more pay thousands of workers using CYMA's Franchise Payroll Sotware solution. Solutions offered by CYMA are ideal for organizations that process payroll for a multiple, mid-size, flexible staff who may work in a variety of locations. Powerful import and data entry options are built in for an ever changing worker pool and employee self-service can help to help manage employee requests.

Some CYMA Franchise Payroll Software highlights include:

Powerful Import Capabilities: Save valuable time over manual data entry - CYMA can import exported .csv data from nearly any data or system making setup and operations a breeze. Import from:

  • Your prior payroll system or payroll service
  • Time clock or time & attendance program
  • Sales and/or pay types and rates from your POS system
  • Employee demographics
  • Taxes (Federal, State, and Local)

Reported Tips and Claimed (Paid) Tips as a Payroll feature

Multi-State Flexibility: Adapt to additional states - CYMA allows creation of SUTA and other state tax information for all 50 states and even local tax information. Easily track employees working in multiple store locations and multiple states

ACA Compliance Calculators: Use your payroll information to perform customized analysis including defined look back periods

ACA Recording and Processing: Process for recording ACA data and processing 1095-C, 1094-C, 1095-B, and 1094-B forms

Payroll Cost Distribution: Share workers across restaurant locations? With CYMA you can distribute payroll hours across multiple GL accounts based on location or job

Multi-Company / GL Consolidation: Operate your restaurant locations as one company or multiple companies. Subsidiary locations can run financial and post to a consolidated GL, or just post through to the parent company

Reporting: CYMA offers hundreds of reports including one that analyzes calculated payroll to insure minimum wage is achieved. CYMA reports can also be customized or created to help handle restaurant or fast food franchise reporting requirements

Tax Reporting and Filing: All major state and federal tax forms for both printed and electronic filing. Integrated W-2, 1099, 94x and all critical state payroll tax forms for all 50 states

Award Winning Customer Service: Call us; we'll pick up the phone every time. Your assigned CYMA consultant is there to help you at every step in the process.


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