CYMA Payroll Module

Why pay monthly fees with outsourced payroll services? Purchase CYMA Payroll Software and save thousands annually. CYMA Payroll Software supports thousands of employees across an unlimited number of companies and integrates with other CYMA software modules to provide a total payroll accounting software solution.

CYMA Payroll Software allows any organization to process payroll in-house, write payroll checks, run instant payroll reports, calculate employee earnings, deductions, 401k, cafeteria plans and more.

Additional Payroll features include EFT Direct Deposit, workers compensation categories, multi state payroll, and a wide variety of tax and earnings reports.

CYMA Payroll Software, when integrated with the General Ledger gives the ability to post all payroll and employer taxes to the appropriate accounts. CYMA Payroll Software will automatically generate tax liability and benefit invoices in Accounts Payable.

CYMA Payroll Software also offers optional add-on products such as:
  • CYMA State Payroll Forms (auto-complete quarterly payroll forms like withholding and unemployment)
  • MICR Check Package (print plain paper payroll checks)
  • Business Insight Powered by Biznet

CYMA Payroll Software offers the flexibility and features to help speed and master the payroll process. Look to the right for more Benefits & Features of CYMA Payroll Software or visit the CYMA Payroll Software feature page.